Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my first 4.1 kg

It doesn't seem too long ago when I first held my first 4.1kg. There he was a big one compared to the dear young mother. I was having a kinda fuzzy feeling that day , not really knowing what to expect being a dad. But it's true what they say ,when you see the eyes of innocence looking at you , you just know what to do.

It only seems like yesterday when we brought the bundle of joy to our cosy little home . But nah it wasn't like them fairy tale stories . The cuddly one becomes a scary piece of meat screaming his lungs off as twilight encroaches. At the receiving end , two panicking parents were frantically trying to figure out what's wrong. Funny though how a simple car ride works , an early lesson in parenthood to never give up.

This 4.1 kg was and will always be a joy to watch . He is the chatty one with seemingly no end to his stories and questions, yeah I missed those early days. I missed those many tender moments as our baby grows within us. I wonder if he remembers the time when I cycled him around the whole neighbourhood , the time when I got so upset and ready to fight a cab driver whose ruthless driving caused my little fella to fall and cry in the car . I wonder too if he remembers the time that I got so angry with him for wanting to go home to pee when I was in the midst of performing obligatory prayers during Ramadan.

Times flies as I see him grow from a bubbly one to excel in his studies from primary right to tertiary . How he on so many occasions made me proud as he honours the family's name. I see before my very eyes how my son grew to be a fine young man , ready and eager to face the world and make the best of life.

Yet I can't help worrying about him . Will he grow up and be a quiet and distant figure to us? I can't help worrying about peer pressures , about extreme influences , about expectation .. about well I guess about everything. I worry he will lose sight about the basic things in life , about family values , about care and concern of those who truly love him.

And as we inch closer towards the greater challenges in life ,I hope my 4.1kg will continue to remember his roots , remember his priorities , always be fearful of Allah.

My 4.1kg


  1. My little 4.1kg .... so so cute. Time really flies, right Yang?

  2. yes time sure flies ..missed the early days but looking forward to the tomorrows

  3. thx ma and pa...reli nice post T.T