Wednesday, February 23, 2011


By the time the next one arrived , I was feeling more composed . I mean I have gone through the drills , surviving those grave yard shifts, the scalding of hot water , the dislodging of stinky nappies . Yup I reckon it will be a breeze.

But this one begs to differ. Almost bald yet so adorable , she soon set her terms , screaming viciously with Swiss like precisions when her feed is due. I often wonder where did those vocals come from . It certainly didn't show in her bright eyes when calm prevails , or perhaps that was to deceive the unsuspecting ones.

There are too many fond memories I have of my girl . Her soft silky hairstyle typifies the Mohican look .I remember getting edgy as her hair growth seems to be rather slow . Then there were the many times I had to perform a fatherly duty of escorting her for her little business . Without a choice I was forced to stick my feet under unfriendly public toilet doors, just to assure that daddy's around , but let's skip reminiscing the chore that follows thereafter. Most of all I remember vividly her face when she arrived to join me in a trip abroad . When she step out from the arrival gate , I could see her searching the waiting crowd looking for me , and when she spotted me , I saw the most radiant and biggest smile that I could ever ask for as she ran shouting out my name .. a moment I'll treasure till I die.

Mirrors and cameras bring a totally new meaning to me now. I used to regard them as mere objects but my girl showed me the truth , that mirrors and cameras are alive. Her antics and poses ( yup the one with the right hand on the head) never fail to amuse me . The quiet infant is now the live wire at home and in outings . She could drag us out of our slumber to enjoy the simpler things in life , like playing in the rain , crying at sad Korean movies with her partner in crime (her mom lah) ,cycling without a care in the world, even her failed attempts at cookies . And now daddy's got bigger worries .. cos my little girl is a baby no more. You get paranoid of things and events and especially of boys surrounding her . What are their motives eh ? Well don't you ever dare hurt my girl!

I know at times (ok most times) I tend to be over-protective. But the cliche is that which father doesn't? But I'm guessing she knows that I care , that this grump will always be there to keep an eye on her well-being.

Yes my 3.8kg has come of age. From the adorable to the beautiful one , she brings smile and happiness . Time and again she brought pride home with her academic and sporting success. I know there will be a day where I will have to let go ,but for now I will be there by her side to guide and protect . She is after all my princess .

My 3.8 kg