Tuesday, July 12, 2011

i was once a young man

i can still recall the night my mother waited vigilantly for me . it was a tense moment as we barely spoke when in truth a lot needs to be spoken . i felt cornered with seemingly unreasonable expectations. the young blood in me rebelled because i felt i have wings to fly. no one should stop me from what i thought was right. we drifted as our path leads elsewhere and the lost years took it's toll.i will forever regret those moments where tears of a mother flow so helplessly. where the silence of a father speaks loudly of his disappointment.. but as years go by i was fortunate to realize that true love never dies .

now as i sit in opposite role , i beamed with pride for my young ones are blossoming into promising adults . i try to be a parent who understands the flow of time,stumbling every now and then but won't give up in making sure that all is well.yes, the time will come to let go and for one to move on, but moving on doesn't mean goodbye. my children, there is no replacement in the heart for someone whom we love . there is no substitution , no stand-ins of any kind. i pray my young ones will realize too that being an adult will not mean one is no longer a child in the eyes of your parents.

this page is dedicated to parents who were once children and children who will one day become parents

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  1. reli touching...had no idea my dad is such a great writer :D