Saturday, February 23, 2013

The passing of a simple man

A friend once said the brevity of life turned her into a tolerant person.That notion did  not sink in then for my values on life was of indulgences . But time changes everything and this statement manifest itself to be a pillar governing my thoughts and action. I have learned that brevity comes with fragility .Islam teaches us to be tolerant even to our enemy , what more our loved ones .And in our usrah , my son reminded the virtues of ending our conversation with words of affection . Yet sometimes , weak as we are ,  we forgot and become selective .

A kind old man passes away yesterday. He was one who adopts a care free approach towards life .Perhaps that was his shortcoming for he was often taken for granted without much thought to his feelings. Here though was a man who in the remaining years of his life dedicates it to my family, seeking nothing more than a sense of belonging. Here was a strong yet fragile man who in the blink of an eye transformed into a helpless soul . And yes while we strive and endured his woes , perhaps sometimes we forgot to share his pain.

So there lies the man who was often misunderstood to be proud and stubborn , when in essence he was doing his best not to impose. And I sense he did it right till the end , for his needs were all too brief .The kind man had somehow reminded  me that life is too brief to be angry ,sad or disgruntled. He had found pleasure in the simple life , and showering us with endless love and care till the very end .

I will never fully understand his thoughts but he has left a mark in our lives and will always be cherished in our thoughts.

Goodbye Uncle , rest in peace .

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