Thursday, September 4, 2014

as we move on

It was just a few days ago when we stood at the departure lounge seeing the glimpse of Abang as he step pass the passport machine . Alhamdulillah he is doing good , into his third year and entering an exciting phase in his professional pursuit.  He has done well , my 4.1kg , now strong ,tall and learning life.

In a few days Dikky will make her stride to pursue her ambition . I can't help feeling awesome with her recent results , she my girl who has been consistent in her achievement . A few nites ago, they cried while doing  some early packing . I would probably snigger and walk away had I been there to witness it . You know sometimes it work , putting up a front . But I know I will miss her much when she joins Abang abroad.

 I already miss her kodak moments...

And although airport sent offs are beginning to becoming a routine , I will always feel that emptiness once my loved one leaves ....

If I can have my way , I will want my young ones to be around at all time. If I can have my way I will  pull back time so that I can continue to cuddle my babies.

But I know that would mean denying them the opportunity to learn . And a lesson I learn is that letting go is being together.

 In days to come , two rooms will be empty .. .

 In days to come Danny and Baby Chu will govern most of our daily chores :)

 In days to come there will  more voids than ever in our home .

But in days to come , joy and laughter will return  and that itself is something to be thankful for.

Abang and Dikky , Papa miss you much already , and I guess I speak for Mama too . We are so proud of you and will always pray for your iman  and rezeki in life . Take good care of each other , love you much :)

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